• customers buy when you first listen
  • we listen to everything
  • imagine reaching out to each one
  • with your product when they express a need online
  • precision innovation becoming legendary
turn your social media into social business

How it works

It all started with a simple realization

It all started with a big bang

A record 143,199 tweets per second, many of these being straight “buy” or interest signals. I want an engagement ring, I need an auto-loan, where can I get the latest Call of Duty – an endless stream. Our automated platform listens to all of this and allows a business to identify “interest” signals and automate and customize a response to that person and their circle of friends with their product. Wow if we could do this and do it all automatically 24/7 with no effort, we thought! The realization became a software platform and we have made this available for other businesses to simply and easily put to work.

the model

Our platform already pulls and listens to millions of twitter conversations daily, identifying unique “buy” interest signals, from auto loans, diamond rings to software – extending to your product category. We have built the infrastructure, hardware and software to then tweet direct to that person that your product could help them with a link to your website. All automated and at incredibly high volume. Precision, automated nano-marketing to a person of “one” who expressed the interest. Google was so effective as a need is being expressed – we let you auto sift through millions of conversations to hear the “need” for your product and then deliver your message direct to that one person.

the 123

You enter key words associated with your product and a phrase you wished to be delivered to the mass of buyers with a link to your website. We use our algorithms to find matching realtime conversations on twitter and then sort for those expressing a need and buying signal. Those two elements combine and we then deliver your massage above in the form of a tweet directed to and in the feed of that person and their friends. They click on the link and from expressing a need online in real time, they on your site.

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We are a technology company based in San Diego, California. Our support hours are from 9am – 4 pm PST. There is currently a waiting list for new customers to use the platform but it should be available for broad release shortly. If you wish to be contacted in this regard, place Waiting List in the subject line of the contact form.

email: marketing@theinsightplatform.com

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